Kara Cobb Johnson - Artist

Creating enables me to delight in stumbling upon something new. These outcomes are usually one-offs, as you will notice through my projects. I endeavor to legitimize my profession by creating works in series form, but I really have no desire personally, to do so. It seems to me that automation and creation are completely separate acts. Some of my works illustrate a modern struggle between the pressure to automate and streamline a technique, point of view, or style... Whereas, the most successful works happen by chance. I create items that have the ability to communicate a disbelief in creating or showing something twice. An idea, a way of doing, an unplanned outcome...allowing the discovery that all the elements point to is enough. It is even enough to say enough and create no more; research, return to seeing, responding and reacting. This inaction enables me to tap the space where ideas begin. It is my desire to show my audience and peers this compass, the true milestones in trying to begin.