Kara Cobb Johnson - Artist

The experiments and resulting work included for this unique space have been chosen to highlight the industrial expanses and materials unique to the building at 53rd street while engaging the innovative spirit of visitors and members alike.
This exhibition will activate and encourage new perspectives. The materials and elementary familiar shapes in my work are used to stitch the roots of creative beginnings, uncover shared commonalities and animate co-working areas. Watercolor paper airplanes will hang in welcome and play in the “white air” against a yellow wall up into skylights ascending through the architecture. Wooden discs delineate the expanse and reach of corridors echoing the pines that grow in rows in wilderness. Tin tube sticks pile in hap-hazard harmony in contrast to the masonry of brick walls.
Spreading out spaces between abstracted imagery, I enable the viewer to relate and be dazzled by parts of a whole and then the whole itself. The resulting “aha!” experience is shared and simple, yet malleable. Therefore, employing natural phenomenon such as “white air” that slowly sways, “negative space” that exaggerates painterly pointillistic phenomenon and “experimental time capturing” (by manipulating common materials gravity/function) and formation together, culminate the experience of the now.
I create contemporary artworks designed to celebrate playful wonder derived from observation and experience. Stemming from a passion for the outdoors and then applying experiences like watching a prairie of grasses arc in unison as they follow the suns rays. Contemplating the miles between the source and the reaction, I endeavor to create works that allow time to be perceived. Kara Cobb Johnson has been happily married for 15 years to her husband Steve and is mother to 3 beautiful children, Marney, Jett & Houston.