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"Nothing like this has ever happened in this community before, I am so proud to have been a part of it." -teen speech at ribbon cutting celebration year one

"This was an idea gathering walks Kara Johnson and she says, 'We're doing THIS!' never would have happened without her time, talent and tenacity." Neighborhood Connection Project

Led design, big picture planning, and community effort to the creation of the largest public art piece on the North side of Chicago and fixed a major connection artery between three Chicago neighborhoods. Created original paintings and designs for and ultimately chosen to be created for the final project. Worked with my community by holding design gatherings at public library over the winter of 2012. Wrote grant proposal to installation crew winter 2012. Researched and compiled supply list with budget for completion of project. Researched local history with community participants and local historical society. Presented design boards to three local community civic organizations. Presented to and collected first major donation for project from Alderman O'Connor. Negotiated needs of Green Star Movement Bricolage installation group for logistics to community fundraising entity, Neighborhood Connection Project. Initiated a vote and action on project proposed. Proactive in the specific inclusion of local teens to be paid through After School Matters as protege bricolage muralists.