PROJECTS, Platforms, Networks, and Ideas > Woman-At-Large x Rogue PopUP for Wormfarm Institute Farm/ Art DTour 2022


This is a rogue pop-up along the Wormfarm Institute Farm/Art DTour in Sauk City, Wisconsin. Jake the farmer and family man agreed to show this piece on his land. Thanks Jake! The name of this piece changed due to its location in this fresh farmfield; "wiggly worms". Plastic culvert are a useful farmers' tool used to divert water away or towards crops. Advantages of culverts:

Culverts prevent erosion.
It prevents floods.
Also, they do not allow water to overflow.
They divert water for farming/engineering purposes.

These colorful culverts beckon the audeince in their vehicles to continue all the goodies that await them along this DTour!